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Video Testimonials

As easy as making a phone call

Watch these videos and you would be amazed at Grow My Testimonials

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They look and sounds amazing. I approve them to be used.
Dr. Askenazi

Hi, Video 1 and 2 sound good to me. Thanks, Melissa.

Dr. Arambulo

Yay! fabulous! Amanda.

Dr. Lloyd

Looks good thanks!.

Dr. Lloyd

Looks good Sent from my iPhone.

Dr. Rogel Carlos

That sounds great!

Dr. Folake Pepple
We have talked about this and are very interested. Thank you so much!
Dr. Clint Bruyere
I am interested in using this program. Thank you…
Dr. George Salib
I think this is great!
Dr. Sona Isharani
This is wonderful! Thanks 🙂
Dr. Karen Ho
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Welcome to GMT

Testimonial Video Creator For Your Business

Videos are a game changer in marketing and becoming more powerful by the day. With increasing demand, we are focusing on creating amazing videos using the audio testimonials you receive from your happy customers. Nothing is more powerful than a happy moment with your customer. That is the moment when you can ask your customers for a favor – an audio testimonial. GrowMyTestimonials uses Dr. Robert Cialdini’s 6 moments of power to collect testimonials from your happy customers. It is painless for you, and easy for your customers to use.

Video testimonials – Is easy as making a phonecall

Capturing video testimonials is as easy as a quick telephone call. Customers don’t have to write a single word, and those who are camera-shy don’t even have to appear in the video. We set up a toll-free number and provide tools to help you promote the service to your customers. They simply dial and speak a few words from the heart about their experiences in your care. GMT turns the message into a high-quality, meaningful video for your website and social media pages.

Why GMT?

GMT harnesses the power of consumer testimonials in a viewer-friendly video format that brings value to your website and increases organic search ranking.

Actual clients are an excellent marketing resource. Their sincere words describing how they have benefited from your care entice others to take advantage of your services. Videos bring the testimonials page on your website to life, attracting more visitors and encouraging interaction on your social media sites.

The question isn’t why use GMT . . . it is why NOT use GMT. You have nothing to lose and a world of credibility to gain.

It is simple & easy

Invite your happy patients to record a review for you by sharing the toll-free number given

Patient calls
the number and records the review right away

We will then convert the audio review to a powerful video testimonial

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